Did you look in the mirror
and not even recognize
 yourself anymore?

It's not you...


Boost it easily using these 5 foods !

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- The 5 Foods: Learn how and why specific foods, and drinks, can help you boost your metabolism and slim down naturally. 

- A Bonus Recipe: This one incorporates all 5 foods and takes 5 minutes to make.
- Bonus Check List: A seven day, five foods checklist to get you into the groove.

What does giving your metabolism a healthy boost do?
  •  Rev up your basal metabolic rate so you can burn more calories at rest. 
  •  Improve digestion so that you don't have that full, bloated feeling.  
  •  Reduce inflammation allowing your body to function optimally.  
  •  Stabilize blood sugar so you can beat those afternoon cravings. 
  •  Help regulate key hormones that may be out of whack!
    Hey, I'm Moni...
    I'm a 45 year old Mom of 2 (3 if you count hubby).

    I am also a functional training, nutrition and metabolic expert that works with 40 year old plus women to teach them a NEW way to eat and train, so they can boost their metabolism, lose fat and gain confidence.

     I know how it feels to try and make yourself 'not care' but deep down you just want to recognize who you see in the mirror.

    So I put this guide together from years personal and professional experience so now I can help thousands of others not to 'settle' with the stranger in the mirror and re-ignite their ageing metabolism.

    40 can be the new 30 if we eat, train and recuperate the way out body needs now.

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